How to set up a domain on Cloudflare

After registering a domain, the question arises how to bind it to your server. To do this you must register your domain on DNS-server. A hoster can provide such services for free or for extra money, but it is better to use the Cloudflare DNS servers. And that’s why:

  • Free
  • Simple dashboard interface
  • DDoS protection
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL-certificate

Cloudflare specializes in DDoS protection. Many large companies use its services (Cisco, DigitalOcean, CrunchBase и др.).

DDoS protection starts with DNS protection and works as follows:

  • Requests to your domain name do not come to your server, but to intermediate Cloudflare servers
  • Cloudflare checks the source of the request and, if an attack is detected, the request blocked
  • If the request is secure, it is passed to your server for processing.

Cloudflare has a lot of servers distributed throughout the world. They take the brunt of DDoS attacks, leaving your server safe. In addition to that:

  • Hide the real IP of your server
  • Cache static content (pictures) of your website on their servers to provide quick access to it (CDN).

Domain Setting

Register on and click the Add a Site button:

Next, enter the name of our domain and click Add Site:

Click Next, select a free plan and click Confirm Plan:

After that, we can immediately specify the IP address or host of our server. Click Continue:

Now the most difficult 🙂 — we need to specify the Cloudflare DNS server in the settings of our domain registrar page (where you bought the domain). I have GoDaddy and it looks like this:

After you have updated the DNS server settings on the registrar page, click Continue on the Cloudflare page:

Updating DNS settings can take from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Then you will see this screen:

This means that now Cloudflare manage your domain. You can:

  • Enter IP address of your server
  • Create subdomains
  • Add SSL certificate for your site
  • View statistics for your site