The modern market offers the following solutions for placing dynamic website on the internet:

Shared Hosting

Slow and unreliable

Virtual Servers

Administration skills required

Website Builder

Template sites
Instead of them, we offer simple, fast and reliable website builder for developers.

Ease to Start

You can use Bootstrap, React, Angular, jQuery and hundreds of others technologies of web development.


No webservers. No databases. Only JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

All modern technologies for front-end web development are available to you.


Convenient Dashboard

Convenient data and code management dashborad for solving creative tasks.

Create website, write code, import data, add content, upload images. All you need is here.

Simple API

Simple and intuitive, but at the same time an incredibly powerful API.

With it, you can perform full-text search for your data, filter, sort, grab data including geo-coordinates, and authorize users through social networks.

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Realtime Performance

Fast Solutions

Our tech stack includes:

Scalable Architecture

Our service designed to handle a workload that may change in scope.

As the load increases, we automatically add servers to guarantee high speed access to the service.

Distributed Data Storage

Distributed data storage and replication provides a high speed data access at high workloads.

We use CDN to distribute service spatially relative to end-users to provide high availability and high performance.

High Reliability

Multicloud Infrastructure

We use multiple cloud computing and storage services.

So we reducing reliance on any single vendor, increasing flexibility through choice, and mitigating against disasters.

Reliable Cloud Providers

We use the services of reliable providers of cloud services that guarantee SLA at the level of 99.95%.

Professional Team

Our developers and DevOps engineers are highly qualified with years of professional experience in highload systems.

They reliably protect your data from any attacks and ensure uninterrupted access to your website.